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groete van radio sam international music as julle van musiek hou,Skakel an ,ein van ons 14 RADIO stasies,en sien wat se ein ,van die radio stasie julle miskin sal van hou,en wat se ein spiel die mooi musiek  op ons radio stasies,al wat julle moet doen is klikop ein van die 14 stasies...

greetings from radio sam international music if you like music, Turn on one of our 14 RADIO stations, and see what's the end of the radio station you might like, and what's the beautiful music playing on our radio stations , all you have to do is click on end of the 14 stations ...

grüße von radio sam internationale musik Wenn Sie Musik mögen, schalten Sie einen unserer 14 RADIO-Sender ein und sehen Sie, was das Ende des Radiosenders ist, den Sie mögen, und was die schöne Musik ist, die auf unseren Radiosendern spielt, alles was Sie tun müssen ist Klicken Sie auf das Ende der 14 Stationen ...

With the large selection of internet radios from all over the world, it is easy to overlook the fact that many new radios are added every day at Radio International Music, that there are radio stations that you would love to hear if you knew about them. Therefore, on this page we offer you a quick overview of all new stations and a whole range of recommendations for radio stations that our editorial team particularly noticed. Very few Internet radios on this page find their way directly to our list of the most popular radios. But many listeners need an additional way to browse, because - unlike the good old FM radio, radio listeners on the Internet not only have one or two different stations that they regularly listen to, but at least seven to ten! You can listen to all stations as usual with one click in the online player, our Radio International Music player or with the help of our app for iPhone, Android or Windows phone. And with our radio cloud or our Radio International Music player you can of course also easily record all stations. Use the whole variety of internet radio and look for the stations that suit you. Leave the trodden paths and click through the tips from the editors. Or click on the genre you prefer to listen to to find out which stations are playing your music. And maybe the first new stations will appear on our list of the most popular radios soon. Have fun browsing!
On Radio SAM Music Germany ,we tune In:

VLC Player WMA Player
Flash Player  Winamp
Save the link where it is convenient , and to play double click it to open the player and playHere you can Download the players : VLC, media player , Real Player , Flash Player , Winamp Player.

Would you like to be included as a broadcaster on this site that is visited by several thousand people every day?
If so, please fill out the following form!
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that some requirements must be met for a successful assessment. We want to filter out the trade fair radios and increase the quality.


-The radio should have 40 online listeners in the prime time. We need access to the server status page to check this criterion.
-If the number of listeners is lower, we can make exceptions in some cases, such as radios with daily live broadcast, frequency or other special features.
-Please send us a description over the radio (at least 400 characters). The following data should be included: start date of the radio, founder, geographical area covered, target audience, genre, broadcasts. We like to take any information that will help people see the radio better.

We offer online embeddable players for the radios that can be found on our website. This can also contain the currently running song, the playlist, the program preview or webcam.
We update data and fix errors that have occurred free of charge. More information >>
We would also like to support the smaller radios by offering them IOS and Android applications free of charge.
We carry out the necessary updates and repairs free of charge. We can provide further information in this regard by email.

Embed radio in your page
Do you have your own website and would you like to have a modern player on it? Then you are in the right place! Click on a player or create a playlist and embed it in your page! But if you need more, get in touch with us on the contact page, and we will try to create a player for you according to your own needs

Mini Player

The best possible use of this player is to be embedded on the page. In the player it is possible to rewind the current program, change the volume or pause the program. In addition, the currently running song or program and the associated cover image are also displayed. The width of the player is automatically adjusted according to the element size. You can personalize the surface yourself. If you need help with this, contact us at Kontakt Seite !

The radio will start automatically
Please select a radio station and a server first!


With the help of the embeddable box it is possible to display the playlist from the radio. In this box you can see the track list of the last 30 days and listen to the songs. When you combine with the mini player, the songs currently playing are automatically added to the list without refreshing the page. You can also personalize the interface here, which will overwrite the standard interface. If you need help, contact us at Kontakt Seite!

Please select a radio station and a server first!
The radio stations can be heard with the following browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer.

The radio can be played on Apple iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad without having to install third-party apps!

The radio can be played on Android 2.3 and all newer models without having to install third-party apps! How can you listen to the radio while surfing the net?

Leave the selected radio channel open and open a new tab in the browser so that you can surf the Internet without worries while listening to the radio.

The transmission of the online radio is not smooth.What should I do?
If the wireless transmission of the online radio is not working properly, the server is probably overloaded. In this case, try to reset the radio with the stop button or reload the website using the "Refresh" button
If the radio broadcast is still not good enough, try stopping it and waiting a few minutes before restarting.
The sound of the online radio station does not work. What's the problem?
If the radio does not work, try 2 or 3 other channels. If none of these work, the radio stations are likely incompatible with the browser or operating system. In that case you should consult the compatibility list in the
How can you listen to this radio station?
check. Update your browser If your browser is one of the supported devices but your radio is not working, then we recommend updating the browser to the latest version. If you find that only one radio station is not working or only a few radio stations are not working, the radio server is likely overloaded or access to the station has been changed. If the radio channel is not working and you have tried to listen to it at different times, please contact us using the contact form.

The radio website integrates a play bar that is visible on all pages. With a simple click of the play button, you can efficiently turn your visitors into listeners. In addition, it allows your visitors to continue navigating your website while listening to your radio station without interruptions! The radio website has a nice design that reflects your radio station. Ergonomic, responsive, light and practical, it will undoubtedly charm your listeners and make them come back. The numerous options allow you to differentiate yourself from other radio stations and add that unique feature! Whatever device their visitors are using, they will be able to find you. RadioKing enables you to create a responsive website, i.e. one that is displayed appropriately on computers, tablets and smartphones.



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